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Burberry wallet Chief Executive Angela Ahrendts while China expressed optimism the sales growth will continue, she stated that "the indicators obviously, China will continue to serve as the region's fastest-growing market, and not only, for Burberry. Have a pressing demand for famous brands in the Chinese market." But China does not have to be paradise for the Burberry Group, in September 2012, the company issued a profit warning because of slowing sales in the Chinese market. Burberry opened 11 new stores in China, and now China has occupied the company's retail and wholesale sales, 14%.

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Burberry Group has plans to open in the next fiscal year 8 stores in China to take advantage of the Chinese market, including 3 new stores in Shanghai. Meanwhile, in the Latin America market, Burberry Group in Brazil opened four new stores, as well as in Colombia, Chile and Barbados through concessions business to develop new markets. Angela-alundezi stressed that "Latin America will also be a growth driver, while the trend curve and China are not the same." burberry wallet reported due to the perfume package related costs within the business, company this fiscal year net profit before taxes declined 4% to 351 million pounds.